Bonus program

The main idea of creating a bonus program is to give prospective and active students and graduates the opportunity to earn their own money in their free time and develop their own business.

As a rule, it is always necessary to have time and money to create a business. Participation in the bonus program does not involve investment of funds and will allow you to independently allocate your time between study and business. Also, it will give you a serious start to realize your ideas and desires.

Students who participate in the bonus program are partners for the university. In this regard you get the opportunity to early surrender the sessionin order to implement the recruitment. Also, you are given a document that gives you the right to engage in this kind of activity in your home country.

Each of the students attracted by you brings you a certain amount of bonuses, which in the future you can change to:

1. Discount up to 100% of the cost of your training

2. Payment of air tickets for departure home

3. Valuable prizes

4. Financial support

5. And much more, which you can learn by writing to us or by calling

The great advantage of working with us is that you do not risk anything. You do not need to invest money to start doing this. All the main work on the issuance of invitations to study, enrollment, escort of the student whom you brought in the firm takes over.

What we offer you is your — chance to start earning and developing your personal business with our support.

Do not waste time. The sooner you start, the faster you will get the result.

Go right now to register the participant of the bonus program.

Do not stay away from your chance to start your own business.

How the bonus program works

If you are a foreign citizen and a student of one of the universities of Ukraine, you need to complete the registration process in the «bonus program». in the “bonus program. All your bonuses you receive from attracting students to study, accumulate on your account. You can check the number of bonuses in your personal account. To enter your personal account, go to the bonus program website and enter your login and password (in the future, a mobile application will be developed that will contain all information on your work in the bonus program).

Accumulation of bonuses is due to the attraction from foreign countries for study of foreign citizens to any university in Ukraine. Each student you attracts gives you 50 bonuses, a student attracted by your student gives you 25 bonuses. In other words, you receive bonuses not only for your students attracted personally by you, but also for the students they were attracted to.

Enrollment of bonuses to your account is due to the completed application for training in your personal account, to the student you have attracted.

In the bonus program, points are awarded from the first person, but their conversion on the basic scale is possible only from the moment you attracted at least three people. In case you attract less than 3 people, you get the opportunity to convert your points on a minimum scale.

Convert your bonuses you can in:

1. Discount up to 100% of the cost of your training

2. Payment of air tickets for departure home

3. Valuable prizes

4.And much more, which you can learn by writing to us or by calling

Bonuses are converted based on your application. Convert You can only those balls that you received for attracting students by you or your students who: — came to study; — have acted; — paid their contract. Bonuses accumulate during the calendar year. Unused bonuses do not transfer to the next year.

For example

You attracted the Cv (the student you were attracted to) — 4 people

Your Cv attracted Cc (the student your student attracted) — for 2 people

Total you have:

Cv — 4*50 bonuses = 200

Cc — 8*25 bonuses = 200

Thus, with the attracted 4 people in aggregate, you can get 200 bonuses and from the attracted by your students 8 people another 200 bonuses. Such a pyramid is limited to three levels, but is not limited in width. can have an unlimited number of Cv and Cc.

After a certain number of students attracted by you and your students, and if you have a desire to move to a different level of work, we suggest that you consider becoming a participant affiliate program, then get the status of the official representative of our organization in your homeland.

If you have any additional questions about the affiliate program, please contact

with us in any convenient way for you:

Call by phone: +38(073)-13-21-111; +38(050)-13-21-111