Car courses

In a furious rhythm of modern life, a resident of such a metropolis as Kharkov can not do without a car that has long been no luxury, but a means of transportation. Learn, work, relax and do shopping without a car, as without the Internet is very difficult.

But, remember! No trip is possible without a driver’s license. And if you have not yet purchased a car, then prepare for this pleasant event in advance will not hurt. And the acquisition of rights will be the first step towards achieving this goal.

In Driving School “Auto-Dor” you will learn how to turn the steering wheel, press the pedals, park, stop, go backward, correctly and with the buzz of someone overtake.

You will learn about the “left-right” corners and complex intersections, learn not to panic in the flow of cars, determine the distance and quickly respond to changing the traffic situation, learn how to behave properly in traffic jams and choose the best route for movement.

Set into groups constantly.

Possibility of a phased payment.

Individual driving schedule

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