Leading educational institutions of Ukraine

All of the following universities entered the “Top-200 Ukraine 2018” rating.

The rating of “Top-200 Ukraine” became the first and remains for today the only accredited International Expert Ranking Group (IREG) academic rating in Ukraine.

The method of rating is based on the use of direct measurements and expert opinions.

The measurements are carried out according to the indices of the quality of scientific and pedagogical potential, the quality of teaching and international recognition.

The expert evaluation is carried out according to the following criteria: the level of basic, general education of students, the level of their professional training, the level of practical knowledge of information technologies, the demand for graduates of higher educational institutions by the labor market.

Kharkiv National Economic University named after Semyon Kuznets


  • Faculty of Economics and Law
  • Faculty of Economic Informatics
  • Faculty of Management and Marketing
  • Faculty of International Economic Relations
  • Faculty of Accounting and Auditing
  • Finance Department
  • Correspondence faculty
  • Faculty of foreign citizens training

Kharkov National University named after Semyon Kuznets is the state higher educational institution of the highest, IV level of accreditation, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

National Law University named after Jaraslov Mudrov

Institutes, faculties:

  • Institute of Prosecution and Criminal Justice
  • Institute of Legal Training for the Security Service of Ukraine
  • Investigative and Forensic Institute
  • Institute of Personnel Training for Ukrainian Justice Authorities
  • Institute of Postgraduate Education
  • Faculty of Economics and Law
  • Military-Law Faculty
  • International Law Faculty
  • Faculty of Justice
  • Faculty of Personnel Training for the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine
  • Faculty of Public Law and Administration
  • Faculty of Advocacy
  • Evening Faculty
  • Correspondence faculty number 1
  • Correspondence faculty number 2
  • Poltava Law Institute
  • Poltava Law College
  • Institute of Management and Law (Kiev)

Yaroslav the Wise National Law University is a self-governing (autonomous) state higher legal educational institution of the IV level of accreditation located in the city of Kharkov.

National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”


  • Automation and Instrument-Making (AP)
  • Business & Finance (BF)
  • Guards Department of Military Training
  • Engineering-physical (I)
  • Integrated technologies and chemical engineering (IT)
  • Computer and Technology College
  • Computer and Information Technologies (CIT)
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering (CN)
  • Machine building (MS)
  • International Education (IO)
  • Mechanic-technological (MT)
  • German technical (NTF)
  • Poltava Polytechnic College
  • Social and Humanitarian Technologies (CGT)
  • Technologies of inorganic substances (TNV)
  • Technologies of organic substances (TOV)
  • Transport engineering (TM)
  • Physicotechnical (FT)
  • Center for distance and pre-university training (CDDP)
  • Center for Distance Learning (TSO)
  • Chernovitsky (Black Sea Fleet)
  • Economic Informatics and Management (EIM)
  • Economic (EC)
  • Electric machine building (EMC)
  • Electric power (E)
  • Power engineering (EM)

NTU “KHPI”, accredited at the highest IV level, provides training for specialists in 73 specialties for the day and 40 for correspondence courses. In 2000, by the decree of the President of Ukraine, KhPPU was granted the status of the National (NTU “KhPI”).

Kharkiv National Pharmaceutical University


  • Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 1
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 2
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 3
  • Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy, Administration and Administration
  • Faculty for the training of foreign citizens

National Pharmaceutical University (NPAU) is a state higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation, subordinated to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and located in Kharkov.

The National Pharmaceutical University is the national center for the development of pharmaceutical education and science, which takes the leading place in the implementation of the state policy for the preparation of a new generation of highly qualified specialists for all segments of the pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical institutions, pharmaceuticals, perfumery and cosmetics enterprises, and state institutions for quality control of medicines.