Leisure in Kharkov

Kharkov is a friendly and spacious city. In it, you do not feel unnecessary and easily flow into the general flow of people. In the student capital there are many interesting museums and majestic universities. Here, beautiful architecture, many cozy establishments and friendly people.

Kharkov is a city that combines deep historical roots and atmosphere of a modern metropolis.

The first capital of Ukraine can please you, surprise, excite and even shock, because there are many interesting and unusual places in this city! There are places that stand out especially – their history, location and the surrounding area are very curious and picturesque.

Outside the competition: the main miracle and symbol of Kharkov is Freedom Square
Its unique architectural ensemble is known far beyond Ukraine.
The area and buildings around it were built in the late 1920s – early 1930s of the twentieth century. This period was a turning point for the city planning of Kharkov.

Freedom Square is one of the largest in the world (almost 12 hectares). An unusual shape, resembling a flask, makes it look more expressive.


Residential house with a spire, representative of the style “Stalin’s Empire.” He fantastically combines elements of baroque, late classicism, Napoleonic empire, art deco. It looks pompous and impressive, especially in the evening, when the house is illuminated. It is located on the Constitution Square. It is a high-altitude dominant of the square and occupies a whole block. The height is 7-11 floors. It was built according to the project of PI Areeshkin in 1954. At one time the House with the spire had another popular name – “Book World”, at the same store, which in 1950-1990 occupied the first floors of the House on Constitution Square. In the years of independence, the store area gradually decreased, and in 2010 it was completely eliminated. In 2008 in Kharkov the contest “Seven Wonders of Kharkov” was held. All kinds of reduced models of wonders-winners decorated the area of ​​Architects. The house with the spire took the sixth place. In November 2009, a reduced copy of the House with a spire was installed on the Architects Square, the creator of which is Seyfaddin Gurbanov.

Gosprom (House of State Industry) is the first high-rise reinforced concrete frame structure in the Soviet Union. The project of the building was designed by the Leningrad architects S. Serafimov, S. Kravets, M. Felgert. A huge, even by modern standards, multi-storey frame construction of concrete, numbering 4500 window openings for which 17 hectares of glass is required, was erected in an exceptionally short time: from 1925 to 1928. Currently, there are various administrative institutions in the building of the State Industrial Committee. Looking at the Gosprom, it’s hard to believe that the initial construction work was carried out by the most primitive tools: shovels, crowbars, pickaxes. The gravel was crushed with sledgehammers, concrete was shoveled with shovels, the ground was transported on the horses. 1315 wagons of cement, 3,700 granite wagons, 9,000 tons of metal were spent on building the giant’s building; from the square they took out 20,000 m3 of land.

The fountain “Mirror Stream” refers to the most outstanding architectural structures of Kharkov and is one of its symbols. It is under the protection of UNESCO. It is located in the Victory Park on Sumskaya street opposite the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. N. Lysenko.
It was built in 1947 in honor of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.
It is made in the form of a gazebo, from under which a mirror stream of water descends. Today there is a picturesque square around it. In front of the fountain there are beautiful and bright flower beds, and behind it there is a romantic pond of irregular shape. Therefore, “Mirror Stream” is considered one of the favorite places for rest and meetings of Kharkiv citizens.
Mirror stream is one of the symbols of Kharkov, its visiting card, one of the main sights of the city that are among the famous “Seven Wonders of Kharkov”.

The monument to T. Shevchenko was erected in 1935 at the entrance to the garden with the same name. It is considered the best among more than 250 monuments of Taras Shevchenko in the whole world. It took more than a year to create this work of art. The 16.5-meter monument is a bronze statue of Shevchenko (5.5 meters), standing on a round pedestal made of natural silicate. The statue is surrounded by 16 smaller pedestals with bronze figures, in which characters from the history of Ukraine and heroes of works by Taras Shevchenko are selected.

Many legends and myths envelop this monument. One of the beloved townspeople is imprisoned around the stern look of the Kobzar, who is so pressured that it is impossible to bear. In addition, many people for good luck rubbing the toe of a dying Haidamak.

Remaining to this day a symbol of struggle and steadfastness of will, the monument of Taras Shevchenko is the place of numerous meetings of youth, right and left political forces, and also a worthy symbol, underscoring the uniqueness of the city of Kharkov.

Water park “Jungle”. If you like extreme and fun – you should definitely visit this place in Kharkov! The largest in Ukraine indoor water park “Jungle”.
Here everything is stylized in the tropics, and even in the cold season you can be transferred to a hot atmosphere.

Of particular note is the architectural design of the facade of the building and its interior, it is unique in its way. Only in the Kharkov “Jungle” can you see a complete imitation of the tropical landscape and its flora: waterfalls, rivers, streams, lush vegetation, fragments of rocks and “remains” of ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations – temples, pyramids, religious sculptures … Climate control system in accuracy recreates the tropical atmosphere: air temperature of about 27 C and very high humidity – a feeling of complete immersion in the exotic nature of the equatorial latitudes of the water park “Jungle”. The water park constantly conducts actions. So do not miss the moment to have fun!

The Kharkov “Disneyland”. Another place where you can wonderfully relax and have fun is the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation, nicknamed Kharkov’s Disneyland. Children will love this place, they will appreciate it!
It is a world-class amusement park that offers 40 attractions, as well as sports and children’s playgrounds. In 2012, the park has the largest observation wheel in Ukraine with a diameter of 55 meters. A children’s park, a family entertainment zone, an extreme zone in the style of a primitive village and a French zone for quiet quiet walks, there will be classes for people of all ages!

Gorky Park is the real pride of Kharkov! Cozy and beautiful park, in which everyone is comfortable absolutely. I think everyone will agree that such a beautiful park still needs to be looked around in Ukraine and even in Europe!

Park Sarzhin Yar and the cable car. Further from the amusement park you can ride along the cable car to Pavlovo Pole residential area. For 10 minutes of travel at an altitude of 8 to 26 meters you will see magnificent views of the city. You will also see the nature monument of Kharkov – the beam of Sarzhin Yar and, possibly, you want to make a big walk around it. Wear comfortable shoes and do not expect to get around all at once: Sarzhin Yar stretches for 12 km. The river Sarzhinka flows along the bottom of the beam.
In Sarzhin Yar is the famous pump room of mineral water “Kharkivska-1”, it can be collected free of charge. Here they built Sarzhin a bathhouse, in which the most desperate, not afraid of the cold, can plunge. The temperature of the water in the pool is almost the same in both warm and cold weather. So, in winter here from +3 to +5, and in summer the water warms up to a maximum of +10 degrees. Here we spend baptismal bathing, celebrating Ivan Kupala. Nearby, on the slope of Sarzhyny Yar, there is a wooden church in honor of the icon of Our Lady “Consolation”. It is built in pseudo-Russian style. The area around the source is landscaped, there are children’s and sports grounds. And now this place of rest has gained popularity among Kharkiv citizens.

Kharkov Botanical Garden. To Sarzhin Yar is the botanical garden of Kharkiv University named after Karazin. Its area is almost 42 hectares, and it is the oldest in Ukraine. It was laid in 1804 at the same time as the opening of the university itself. You will see powerful gigantic trees, some of them for more than a century. Botswana is also proud of the collection of coniferous plants. And in the greenhouse all year round nature lovers delight exotic plants. The collection of the department of tropical and subtropical plants has 2,400 species. The botanical garden is also famous for its collection of orchids. To see them in all the splendor, it is worth to visit the greenhouse in February.

The Botanical Garden can be visited all year round. Each season is a new discovery, a new picturesque picture and vivid impressions. In the spring, peaches, almonds, snowdrops, hyacinths, irises, tulips, peonies bloom here. In the summer – lilies, dahlias, roses. In the autumn – asters, chrysanthemums, and witch hazel is pleased with its flowering in autumn and even in winter. In the cold season you can admire the exotic flora of the jungle in greenhouses and numerous conifers.

Fountains of Kharkov. The city is famous throughout Ukraine for a lot of beautiful fountains. There are large and small fountains, with illumination and even musical accompaniment. Not only Kharkov youth gather near them, but older people too. Many townspeople like to spend time sitting on a bench by the fountain and admiring the streams and splashes of water.

Unusual fountain “Cascade” descends the steep slope in the Shevchenko garden. On either side of the fountain there are steps for pedestrians. And from the top viewing platform of the “Cascade” a beautiful panorama opens. On this interesting places of Kharkiv do not end. The area of ​​fountains in Sumskaya Street, in front of the Kharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater (HATOB), is well admired in the evening twilight. They are attractively illuminated, music plays.

Embankment and park “Strelka”. One of the most recognized romantic places in Kharkov is the Netechenskaya embankment and the “Strelka” square on the banks of the Lopan and Kharkiv rivers.

With this place, the townspeople are connected with the history of the appearance of Kharkov. It was from here that the settlement of the city began. And on the territory of the square the first boat station was opened. Now there are already two of them. Everyone can take a walk along the river on a small pleasure boat or on a boat. Another noteworthy place of the square is the pedestrian bridge across the river, where couples like to leave locks as a sign of strong love. Numerous trees create a pleasant shade and fence off the noise of the big city.
Often in the square live music is played. Then this place gets a special charm. In the evening, the park is surrounded by a romantic mist of street lamps.
Romantic impressions will remain in your memory for a long time.

Dolphinarium of Nemo. Kharkiv offers its guests a wide entertainment program. One of the first places is by right the dolphinarium “Nemo”, which was opened at the end of May 2009. It was then about the International Children’s Day, to which this opening was timed. Dolphinarium, located in the garden of Shevchenko, has no equal in the territory of the CIS. It is inhabited by:

  • four dolphins
  • sea ​​lion
  • three fur seals from South America.

Animals are kept in excellent conditions, dolphins are mobile, cheerful. There are usually three sessions a day. In the evening, visitors are attracted by a colorful night show. With dolphins you can not only swim, but also take pictures.

Feldman Ecopark is a multi-faceted charitable project that combines care and assistance with animals, therapy for children with special needs, rehabilitation, research and educational facilities, and leisure for those who love nature. The zoo consists of a zone in which tigers, leopards and black panthers, wolves, monkeys and kangaroos, noses and raccoons, pelicans and parrots, turtles, etc .; zone “Contact Zoo”, where you can pat and feed pets and birds.

Territory Feldman Ecopark – the best place for a bright outdoor activities, as well as improving the health of Kharkiv residents and visitors. There are a variety of areas where each visitor can find a job for themselves, relax and relax in nature with their loved ones.