Russian language courses

Russian language courses for foreigners will help you quickly and confidently master the basic knowledge of the Russian language for everyday communication and study. During the training you will learn to communicate in Russian, get new friends, get to know the history and culture of Ukraine. Knowledge of Russian language will greatly expand your opportunities not only in personal communication, but also in obtaining an education.

During the training you will acquire and improve the skills of pronunciation, reading, translation and understanding of oral speech, overcome the language barrier and improve your speaking skills, expand your vocabulary and develop grammatical skills, and improve the overall level of Russian language proficiency.

After the successful completion of the training, you will be able to apply the Russian language in various life situations, read and understand publications in Russian, communicate confidently, correspond with friends and colleagues, study in Russian-language universities, without training in the preparatory department, which will shorten the period of your general education for one year.


To enroll in courses or to receive additional information, please contact us in any convenient way for you:

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