Visa support

Visa support – an official invitation to visit a foreign state (obtaining the consent of the host country).Foreign applicants who have expressed a desire to study at Ukrainian universities and are citizens of countries with which Ukraine has signed visa-free agreements: the Russian Federation, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan – do not need visa support, but should when crossing the border, to provide the original of the “Invitation to Study” (“Stages of Enrollment in the University”), as confirmation of the purpose of coming to Ukraine.Citizens of visa countries, as well as countries with which Ukraine has signed agreements on visa-free stay for up to 90 days (tourist, private and business trips) need a long-term (“training”, type D) visa to Ukraine, and receive visa support.

To obtain a visa type D, you need to submit documents to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country according to the list that is listed on the website of the Embassy. This list of documents necessarily includes the original “Invitation to Study”. All “Invitations to study”, issued by universities, before the issuance of applicants are mandatory registration in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The Ukrainian State Center for International Education carries out such registration on behalf of the Ministry and provides official confirmation of this registration (visa support) to the Ukrainian embassies. Without visa support, the consul does not accept foreigner’s documents for opening a student visa. Visa support is a paid service and is included in the standard cost of issuing an invitation. In this case, our organization is guaranteed to track the letter of confirmation of visa support and, if it is not available at the Embassy, ​​can provide data about it in electronic form with the help of an online service requesting confirmation of visa support.

If you want to deal with visa support issues yourself, you can download the payment details here.

Your documents on the previous education before applying to the Embassy must be officially certified in your country’s way: legalized (Ministry of Education + Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Embassy of Ukraine in your country) or certified by the Apostille + stamp legalized in the Ukrainian Embassy.

If you have any questions about visa support, you can contact us in any convenient way for you:
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